This is a Mini-Ecommerce site specializing in Albums, specifically 33 LP Vinyl.
I’ve been collecting since I was a teen and am offering some rare, unusual & usual, 1st Edition Pressings, Demonstration pressings, White Label stuff and just good music on Vinyl in all types but generally Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Female Singers, Latin, Brazilian and more.

I’m not so much into categorizing as listening pleasure and the harmonics of full spectrum analog vinyl is what I go for. So if you have similar interests I think you will like my offers. It changes all the time, both price and albums offered so check back regularly.

A word on quality. I keep my records in plastic with original inside sleeves if possible. All vinyl is professionally cleaned and test played on high end equipment. I grade very conservative. For example if an album is obviously in Mint condition (looks never played) but has been opened it’s Near Mint because it’s not sealed. The only exception is if the album is old enough that it was never sealed originally. All other particulars are in individual postings.

I’m passionate about my music and sell vinyl that is not my taste or I have grown out of, etc. All vinyl is returnable within 14 days with full refund (minus mailing cost) as long as it’s in resellable condition. I answer all emails directly.

Enjoy – Yea.

Lee Wilson